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  Brunswick Secondary College is a co-educational Year 7-12 College. While its students are drawn from Brunswick and Coburg, an overall enrolment of 900 allows for some enrolment of students from outside this area. Participation in the Building Futures Program will see modernisation of school facilities and growth in enrolment to 1100 over the next few years. The College has a Select Entry Accelerated Learning Program, an English Language Centre located on site and an increasing community of international students.

  The college offers a traditional discipline based curriculum complemented by a wide range of specialist subjects and enrichment programs. Its goal is to improve the achievement levels of individual students and specific cohorts through continuing to raise expectations and standards of learning. To ensure that all students have access to the same high standards of teaching, staff develop curriculum and assessment tasks in teams. A wide range of quality professional learning opportunities are offered on site and all teachers are involved in classroom observations connected to Performance Review.

  Supporting high academic standards is an emphasis on positive relationships and community. This places a strong value on student feedback to their teachers. There are diverse opportunities for parental involvement, student leadership and a rich array of extra- curricular activities. The College’s six values of teamwork, respect, excellence, achievement, persistence and responsibility underlie all relationships, planning and activities within the college.

  The college has an SFO (Student Family Occupation) density of 0.53.  While changing demographics have seen a decrease in the number of students from language backgrounds other than English, there are still over 45 nationalities represented in the student population. Our school population genuinely reflects both the multiculturalism and recent gentrification of the communities of Brunswick and Coburg.

  At Brunswick Secondary College, we strive continually to provide the highest standards of student engagement and learning so that we can continue to be regarded by the Brunswick and Coburg communities as an excellent choice for its students.   Brunswick Secondary College’s success can be measured by the steady increase in enrolment, reputation and results that has occurred over the past decade and through data analysis demonstrating a strong value-add to learning.

  As the 2012 Brunswick Secondary college school captains, it is our great honour to guide the student body to recognize their own individual talents and achieve success in a changing world. From the start of our schooling at Brunswick we have known that the school has the community respect. In our role this year we are working not only to preserve but to enhance the community’s understanding of our school. The college creates a caring atmosphere which provides each student with the opportunity to reach their goals no matter which path they choose after their time at Brunswick.

  With such a large group of motivated and committed students, we are proud to represent Brunswick Secondary College. It is a school filled with great opportunities and strong core values. As a student at BSC you are presented not only with the opportunity to learn in the classroom but also to take part in many different and appealing enrichment activities  The school’s commitment to learning is showcased through this website, assemblies and the many events we hold at the school.

  Students at Brunswick are able to participate in a range of enrichment activities including  team sporting events, writing

  competitions, public speaking,  debating , music lessons and of course, the Rock Eisteddfod in which we have been very successful over the past seven years. Students are also encouraged to take on taking a leadership position on the Student Representative Council. In 2012, we are excited about the introduction of House Competitions.

  Brunswick is a school committed to providing an environment that encourages individual success in whichever area students choose. It values students developing awareness of their responsibility to themselves and the world around them. We are proud to have been appointed the 2012 School Captains.

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Brunswick Secondary College|Brunswick Secondary College

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